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Toyota Camry Automatic Yr2002

Toyota Camry Automatic Yr2002

4 Door, 5 Seat Sedan : 4cyl

BODY TYPE: Automatic Family Sedan

FEATURES: Automatic; Climate Control Air-conditioning, Power Steering/mirrors/windows; 6 speaker stereo CD Player; Dual Airbags; ABS; Engine immobilise; Cruise Control.

4 Cylinder economy without performance sacrifice

This model began Toyota’s dominance over Commodore and Falcon as Australia’s most popular family sedan.

Year Model Descriptions

In describing our motor vehicles, we use a descriptor such as "Yr2010", this is intended to give the enquirer an idea of the relative age of the individual vehicle compared with others in our fleet. The term can be derived from the manufacturer's build date, the compliance date, the model year designation assigned by the manufacturer or the year of first registration.

Where we have more than one vehicle of the same model at the same price and the indicator (say year of 1st registration) is different between the vehicles, we may use a descriptor such as "Yr2009/10".

It is not intended to be a warranty of the age of the vehicle.

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